Minster Greenbelt Group

We are an informal group meeting once a month, exploring ideas and action relevant to our personal, church and community life.  We get our name from the Greenbelt Festival, held in August every year.  With roots in the Christian faith, this Festival explores issues of faith, arts and justice, through the performing arts, talks and discussion.  After each Festival we choose themes for the next year that seem relevant to us at the Minster, selecting material which is challenging, provocative or simply interesting.

Our meetings are led by members of the group and can take different forms.  We might hear an excerpt from a recorded Greenbelt talk, use relevant material from the web or invite outside speakers.  There is always plenty to discuss and engage with.  Recent topics have included democracy, happiness, creativity and compassion as well as a series on aging.

For more details of the Group, please contact the Parish Office.

For information on the Greenbelt Festival, visit www.greenbelt.org.uk.

“Greenbelt is something really remarkable and deeply creative in the life of the Church”.    Rowan Williams.

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