2018 Annual Church Meeting


Churchwardens Peter Cook and De AshtonAt the recent Annual Parochial Church Meeting of Wimborne Minster a new Churchwarden was elected. Peter Cook took over from Francis Vine who had completed four years in Office. The Minster has a policy that Churchwardens, although elected annually, serve for a maximum of four years. Francis, who was elected Churchwarden Emeritus was thanked warmly by his fellow churchwarden De Ashton for all he had done during his time in Office and in particular in recent months, during the time without a Rector. Anthony Oliver expressed thanks to Francis on behalf of the whole congregation.

Peter Cook studied music at the London College of Music (LCM) and taught at a London School for 9 years. Giving that up to work on a self-employed basis which included being Organist & Choirmaster at St Mark's, Surbiton for 22 years. Whilst there the choir visited and sang in a number of English Cathedrals.

Peter moved to Wimborne in 2000 and continued to work full time at the London College of Music as Director of the Junior Department. He retired in 2010, though he is still an examiner for the LCM and works as a free-lance organist in the local area.

Peter is Secretary of the Friends of the Minster and is also a trustee of the Friends of the Musicians' Chapel in London. For relaxing he enjoys gardening, reading and travelling.

Bruce Jensen was re-elected as a Deputy Churchwarden and was joined by Andrew Patrick who replaced Mike Downton who was thanked for his time as a Deputy Warden.


Richard Knott, Treasurer presented the accounts which showed a slightly improved situation, but there is still a deficit of £30,000 over the year in the day to day running costs. The Minster still owes part of the parish share from last year. Richard covered steps being taken to improve income but there is still a long way to go.


The Churchwardens Report on the Fabric of the Minster showed that it is in very good condition, thanks to money from specific past endowments. Current and future work includes following up the environmental survey reports on the Library and the Minster, work on the vestry area and investigating a new lighting system in the building.

The trial removal of pews at the back of church will last for 15 months. This is a consultation period, during which everyone is encouraged to make their views known. The pews will be stored safely, while work on the Children’s Corner and the shop, and new uses of the space, are considered.

The meeting concluded with De Ashton, who chaired the meeting as the senior Churchwarden expressing heartfelt thanks to the many diverse people who are active in the life of the Minster. The Revd Suzie Allen, Associate Priest expressed a very sincere thanks to the Churchwardens for all, that they do.

The new Rector, the Reverend Andrew Rowland will be inducted at The Minster on Wednesday 5th September.

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