The Wimborne Minster Society of Church Bellringers

Ringers 2022

Who are we?

A group of about twenty teenagers and adults (aged 12 – 79). We come from all walks of life and include many family groups.

When do we ring?   

Sunday mornings 8.50am – 9.25am before Sung Eucharist
Sunday evenings   5.30pm – 6.25pm before Evensong
Tuesday evenings 7.00pm – 9.00pm practice night
Special occasions such as weddings, church festivals and royal events.

The Bells   

We have twelve bells in the key of D (tenor 29cwt/1500 kg) which are widely regarded as one of the best rings of 12 in the country, and one of only two in Dorset. There is an extra light G# which allows for a ring of eight in A (tenor 8 cwt) which is ideal for teaching purposes. The ringing chamber is up 72 steps in the West Tower.

Practice nights   

Ringing tends to be in bursts of five to ten minutes at a time (known as ‘touches’) with one ringer on each of the twelve bells. ‘Rounds’ and ‘Call Changes’ for the new ringers, through to simple methods such as ‘Grandsire’ and ‘Stedman’ and then ‘Yorkshire’ and ‘Bristol’ Maximus for the most experienced.

Social Events   

We organise annual tower outings (previous trips include ringing tours in the Severn Valley, Isle of Wight and Guildford areas), take part in striking competitions against other bands in the Salisbury Diocesan Guild, ring peals in other local towers, and enjoy a pancake party on Shrove Tuesday, a summer barbeque, New Year’s Eve party prior to ringing in the New Year, as well as an annual skittles match against the churchwardens.

Interested in learning? 

Come along to a practice night and see what happens. You need good physical co-ordination and an interest in team effort to produce a rhythmical and musical performance.

A recording of the bells.
More information is also available on our website.

Contact us.


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