In the Wimborne Villages

Holy Communion recorded live each Sunday and can be found on Suzie’s Vimeo channel by the following day.

During August we are meeting weekly at Hinton Martell Church to celebrate Holy Communion. The Readings and Prayers are available on-line. The service starts promptly at 10am so please arrive in plenty of time. Masks are now compulsory, and we are required to take details to enable ‘Track and Trace’. These details are kept secure and will only be kept for the following 3 weeks then destroyed (and not used for any other purpose).

From September our Holy Communion services will return to our former service pattern:-

6th September, 10am at Horton Church (every 1st Sunday)
13th September, 10am at Hinton Martell Church (every 2nd Sunday)
20th September, 10am at Witchampton Church (every 3rd Sunday)
27th September, 10am at Chalbury Church (every 4th Sunday)

Morning Prayer: Morning Prayer is held at 8.30am at Hinton Martell Church on Wednesdays and Friday, all are very welcome to come and join in.

Please note there will be no Breakfast Churches during August but they will resume on 6th September at Witchampton Church and then on 20th September at Horton and Chalbury Village Hall (tbc). Then continue on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month to the same pattern. (For more information on these do ring Rev Suzie on 01258 840668).

Private Prayer (All open from 9.30am - 5pm approx)
Horton, and Chalbury churches are open everyday
Hinton Martell Church is open Tuesday-Friday
Witchampton Church (Monday & Thursday only)

To join Daily Prayer services on Zoom online.

It is possible to join Minster Zoom Daily Prayer through the telephone number 0203 481 5240. Enter the meeting number (883 2976 1518) and follow the instructions. (You will need to use # key)

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