The present organ in Wimborne Minster was originally built by Robert Haywood, in 1664. It was restored and enlarged on a number of occasions, notably in 1764 by Brice Seede and again in 1856, during the restoration of the Minster. At that time the organ was removed from its position on top of the choir screen and rebuilt in the South Choir Aisle, by the then organist, Mr F Blount. By this time the instrument possessed twenty seven-speaking stops spread over three manual divisions and a Pedal Organ of one stop. Ten years later the organ was again rebuilt and enlarged, by J W Walker of London. The same firm carried out a major rebuild in 1965 when the “en chamade” orchestral trumpet was added.

New Choir CaseFollowing a number of years of consultation, the contract for rebuilding the organ was awarded to F H Browne & Sons (now operating as Mander Organs). (Opposite - New Choir Case 2022)

Inside the Great looking East through the new caseworkThe instrument has been completely re-designed with new cases and fine oak panelling at the side and rear. A platform has been erected over the south passageway to take some of the 8ft pedal chests. The Great and re-modelled Choir (formerly the Positive) divisions have been raised and pushed through the archways. The Swell box has been rebuilt and moved forward with shutters on both the front (west facing) and rear (east facing). A new 32ft stop has been added with the lower octave forming part of the rear and side casework. All the action and electrics are new with solid state transmission from the console to the pipework. New chests have been constructed for the Great, Great Reeds, Tuba and Choir. The winding system is completely new. (Picture - Inside the Great looking East through the new casework)

The console has been completely refurbished with a new RCO pedalboard. New stops have been added to the (re-modelled) Choir; a Tuba, Violin Diapason and Dulciana, plus a 16ft Bourdon has been added to the Swell. In addition a “Swell Reeds to Pedal” and “Great Reeds sub-octave” have been incorporated. There is also “Manual Exchange” which allows the Great and Choir divisions to be swapped over. There are the usual couplers together with 8 pistons to each manual, plus 8 general pistons, Piston setter, Stepper and General Cancel. 8 Foot Pistons to Swell; 8 Foot Pistons to Pedal, 32ft Foot Piston & Great to Pedal Foot Piston plus Stepper Foot Pistons.

Refurbished Console
Refurbished Console 2022

Pictures © Peter Cook

 More extensive history of the organ, its refurbishments and the Wimborne Music Foundation

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