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The Minster Environmental Group (MEG) monitors Minster activities with the aim of improving and reducing the church’s environmental impact. We recognise that the world is changing fast and it is important to support action to reduce global warming and maintain biodiversity. We care because it is God’s creation, not ours, and as a church we are committed to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain the life of our planet.

The Minster has twice held Eco-Congregation Awards as well the Eco Church ‘bronze’ award since 2017. The Minster has just attained the Silver Award in 2021. The award assesses all aspects of church life and management. It is designed to affirm good practice in environmental stewardship and helps churches to witness to the importance of caring for God’s creation. We have reached the gold award standard in all areas apart from the building section. Whilst a difficult target with an ancient building such as the Minster we are aiming towards the ‘gold’ award.

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MEG monitors the Minster’s energy usage and carbon footprint. Reducing carbon emissions is an on-going process and MEG continues to monitor and advise and work with the PCC.

We work with the PCC on matters where there are environmental concerns and with Minster staff to improve disposal of waste and recycling and use of environmentally friendly products. We encourage changes in lifestyle in our congregation and in the community. The PCC has approved the Environmental Policy that is being adopted across the whole Minster organisation. You can read the policy here.

We are closely involved with other groups in our locality and in planning community events, such as the Wimborne Green Festival. These groups include Wimborne War on Waste (avoiding use of plastics we are a plastic free champion), Wimborne Fair Trade Town (we are a Fair Trade Parish), Win on Waste (improving recycling) http://winonwaste.org Wimborne Repair Cafe, Planet Wimborne (an umbrella organisation for all green groups) http://planetwimborne.org South West Waste Minimisation Group http://www.swwmg.co.uk/, Wimborne Community Theatre https://www.wimbornecommunitytheatre.co.uk DonateIT (laptops for learners) https://donateit.co.uk Dorset Wildlife Trust https://www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk Wimborne (action to stop insect decline).

We also partner with other local church environmental groups such as St Johns and St Michaels for events and campaigns. We publish a Green Timeline of events.

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Please see this document for a list of actions we can all take to help the environment (published Climate Sunday, 2021).

We are also linked to the Salisbury Diocese Environmental Group http://www.salisbury.anglican.org/mission/social-justice/environment

Seeds for Harvest’ is an annual project to encourage people to sow seeds and grow flowers or vegetables in their gardens and allotments and bring them to the Harvest Festival.


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