About Cookies

Cookies are small files stored on your computer that are usually to help improve your use of specific web sites. It is a requirement under European law for sites to inform you of cookies that they use and how you can remove them should you wish to.

The WImborne Minster web site does not make active use of Cookies, however there are some cookies used by third party tools we incorporate within our pages. These are as follows:

__atuvc, _atshc and _utmv
These cookies are used by AddThis which is shown at the top right of each page to allow you to quickly print, email or share a page via social media. No tracking information is used or stored by AddThis to provide this feature and if you are not planning to use this you can safely delete these cookies from your system.

This cookie is a requirement for people making use of the Content Management System for maintenance of these pages.

Removing cookies

To remove a cookie, please visit AboutCookies.org where you can find information relevant to all modern web browsers.

Sometimes, third part suppliers will start using cookies and they will not be listed on this page, if you notice any and we have not listed them here then please inform us so that this can be rectified.

If you have any specific questions regarding cookies, please contact our web developer Triple W Design on 01202 798001 or visit their web site.

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