Parish Giving Scheme

Join the Parish Giving Scheme to support your church today.

The Parish Giving Scheme is an easy way to give by Direct Debit and helps provide predictable cash flow. This safe-guards against unforeseen situations, and means Wimborne Minster is able to invest in areas most important to growing our faith – whether that’s Adult and Children’s work through our dedicated Youth Worker or something else!

Regularly giving to Wimborne Minster through the Parish Giving Scheme.

Giving regularly by Direct Debit through the Parish Giving Scheme is just like a traditional banker's order donation. You can still give monthly, quarterly, or annually, but there are several advantages to switching to Parish Giving Scheme – both to you, and your church.

Benefits to you: -
• You are in control of how much you give.

• You can login online, or telephone, to increase or decrease your gift whenever you want.

• You can choose to remain anonymous.

• You can opt to increase your gift automatically each year, in line with inflation, to protect the value of your gift. If you choose this option, you will receive an annual letter from the Parish Giving team advising you of the increase. You are able to opt not to go ahead with the increase or increase by a different amount.

• The Direct Debit guarantee protects all gifts, making them safe and secure.

• Gift Aid is automatically collected, which means less administration work for your PCC Treasurer or Gift Aid Secretary.

Join the Parish Giving Scheme to support your church today

Online or

• By phone: 0333 002 1271, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm


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